• Apple Cake – The Norwegian style

    Apples are in season and I just had to make this cake for the Hoedown bake sale at my daughters school. Apples are a common fruit in Norwegian gardens, and some gardens are so filled with them that the owners are unable to use them all. My former neighbour and name sister (and the mother of my daughters best friends) has a couple of trees full of apples. Last year I got a lot from her, but now living in California, I have to buy all my apples for the cake.

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  • Fig jam

    When being in my early teens we were bored and walking relentlessly the streets in the suburbs of Oslo.  In the fall there were apples and plums on the trees and they were apparently not being eaten. Or so it appeared for us. For a thrill we entered the gardens and picked the fruit. In Norwegian it is called going on “slang” – to scrump. It is the same as stealing, but there were no other consequences than that the owner of the garden would yell at you if got caught.
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