ABOUT mstabell

Hi! My name is Marianne and I have a PhD degree in molecular biology, specifically in Epigenetics. For many years I worked as a researcher with a focus on basic research and the molecular principles behind both embryonic and cancer development.

Working in a laboratory is reminiscent in many ways of being in the kitchen. Things have to be mixed, temperatures change and accuracy are important. Perhaps therefore no wonder that I have great interest in cooking? Cooking also revolves around many chemical processes.

In this blog I focus on writing about food, good ideas, in addition to biology and chemistry related to food and the kitchen.

I also love to travel, so from time to time there will emerge food from other corners of the world. There will also be recipes here without any relationship to science, just because I want to store my favorite recipes in digital 🙂

I am hoping that this blog can bring you joy and inspiration.



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