• Fig jam

    When being in my early teens we were bored and walking relentlessly the streets in the suburbs of Oslo.  In the fall there were apples and plums on the trees and they were apparently not being eaten. Or so it appeared for us. For a thrill we entered the gardens and picked the fruit. In Norwegian it is called going on “slang” – to scrump. It is the same as stealing, but there were no other consequences than that the owner of the garden would yell at you if got caught.
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  • Blueberry buckle

    In my garden back in Norway I have two blueberry trees. These differ a lot from what Norwegians call blueberries, witch is not the same as blueberries in english. If you type blueberry on Wikipedia you get on the top of the article:

    This article is about the “American” blueberry. For the “European” blueberry, see Bilberry
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