• Apple Cake – The Norwegian style

    Apples are in season and I just had to make this cake for the Hoedown bake sale at my daughters school. Apples are a common fruit in Norwegian gardens, and some gardens are so filled with them that the owners are unable to use them all. My former neighbour and name sister (and the mother of my daughters best friends) has a couple of trees full of apples. Last year I got a lot from her, but now living in California, I have to buy all my apples for the cake.

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  • (Fake) Green Papaya salad

    Just for the paper work we had to go back to Oslo, Norway for two weeks this summer. Jet lagged and jet lagged and jet lagged all over again. I hate it. But it was nice to see friends and family again. And you kind of really appreciate your home town when not living there anymore.. The weather was back and forth, as usual – nothing has changed and the inhabitants were still complaining about it, but we got some really nice days. On the bright side, I got to be a tourist in my own home town as my mother dragged me around in her relentlessly walking habit. OMG this city is changing!! Continue reading