Fig jam

When being in my early teens we were bored and walking relentlessly the streets in the suburbs of Oslo.  In the fall there were apples and plums on the trees and they were apparently not being eaten. Or so it appeared for us. For a thrill we entered the gardens and picked the fruit. In Norwegian it is called going on “slang” – to scrump. It is the same as stealing, but there were no other consequences than that the owner of the garden would yell at you if got caught.

Recently we moved to Palo Alto where there are an enormous variety of fruit trees in the gardens in the neighborhood. Our landlord has a lot of fruit trees, among those a fig tree. Figs does not grow in Norway. I remember the first time I saw a fresh fig, in France – in Norway this has been something you bye in dried form for Christmas…

Back to the the fig tree. Unluckily, the tree is located in the driveway next to the boardwalk. People walking by our driveway are not subtle – they actually have their walk planned, brings a plastic bag, and picks figs from the tree. And these are grown up people. Like grandmothers kind of type.. I literately had to rush out to get some figs for my jam.. But – i can understand why people want to pick this (fresh) fruit – it is really good!



  • 1,5 pounds figs – it is currently  in season and Whole Foods has a lot of it!
  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • 1 lemon, zest and juice
  • 1 cinnamon quill
  • 1 vanilla pod, cut in two lengthwise


Wash the figs and remove any stains. Cut in quarters. Mix with all the other ingredients in a bowl, cover and leave at room temperature over night.

figs 5-framed

Transfer to a pan and heat until it boils. Lower the temperature, stirring regularly, for 1 hour or until thick. Mash the figs gently. Cool slightly, remove the cinnamon quill and vanilla pod. Seal in sterilised jars.

fiken 3-framed


Enjoy, especially with blue cheese!

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